What is the Lower Kaskaskia Stakeholders organization?

The Stakeholders is an association which includes and represents individuals and organizations from various sectors who have interests in the use and management of the Lower Kaskaskia River.

What are its vision and goals?

Vision: Lower Kaskaskia Stakeholders, Inc. represents the various interest on the lower Kaskaskia River for the common good of the river and its users.

Goals: The goals are to facilitate and carry out continuing consultations among stakeholders having interest and concerns about conditions and activities in the Lower Kaskaskia Basin. Through these consultations the Stakeholders will develop:

-consensus policies for guiding public and private activities in the Basin, and
-cooperative actions for putting those policies into practical effect.

What type of issues will the Stakeholders address?

Issues of concern include water quality, recreation, transportation, economic development, sediment and erosion control, fish and wildlife.

Who can be a member?

Landowners, boaters, fishermen, hunters, commercial transporters, environmentalists, representatives of agriculture, industry, government, and other river-interest organizations are encouraged to join.

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